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EQ Magazine ( frequently runs Microphone nostalgia
articles by Steve LaCerra and uses ENAK Microphone Services
as it's expert source for technical information and specifications.

The Lure Of Ribbon Microphones by Ty Ford (
Pro Audio Review Magazine ( Jan, 1999

Legends in their own time

In the momentum created by the recent interest in vacuum tubes, there has been a renewed interest in ribbon microphone technology. In the United States, two people on different coasts reached legendary status with regard to ribbon microphones: Charles Gant (deceased) in Lakewood, Calif. And Clarence Kane in Pitman, N.J. Seemingly all old RCA microphones arrived at one or the other man for re-ribboning and other services- because they had worked for "the company" for years doing exactly that.

"The mics don’t look very complicated, but there’s a lot going on inside. If you have the books, though, you can tell which is which. Some had dual ribbons. They liked to change the numbers for marketing, but the D and DX are quite a lot a like. The DX has a 3 dB to 4 dB higher output than the D. It’s the highest output of any velocity mic RCA made. On the DX, they changed the magnetic content to squeeze out a few more dB. They also changed the transformer, and that helped a lot. You could strap if for the full level by leaving the strapping open. If you were too close to a band and you couldn’t move back, you could strap the mic to take off some of the low end."


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